Professional Grooming

Visit us in Milford for great dog grooming

Is your beloved dog's coat looking a little worse for wear? Would you like to be able to see your furry friend's eyes without lots of hair getting in the way? A visit to our dog groomers will give you the results and service you need, so stop by and see us today!
Small Yorkshire terrier sits on the table while being brushed by a professional.

Experienced groomers

We have a team of grooming experts. They possess more than 25 years of experience, which they use to help you determine exactly what services your dog is in need of upon your arrival.

For your information, our grooming prices vary according to the size and breed of your pet. Please call to learn more.

Bathing and drying

A grooming visit will begin with a bath for your dog. We're proud to say that we use a custom formula shampoo that will keep your dog's coat much cleaner and shinier than other shampoos on the market.

Once bath time is over, we'll dry your dog. Not having a wet coat for any longer than necessary makes pups happier, and it helps ensure that they stay healthy.

Cuts and nail trims

If your dog has long hair, we can give him or her a wonderful cut. We'll follow your style requirements, and can offer suggestions if you're not sure which way to go.

Last, but certainly not least, we also provide nail trimming services. Having your furry friend's nails trimmed regularly is important for their comfort and health, but also so the click-clack of their nails on hard floors doesn't drive you crazy!
To schedule a grooming visit, call (203) 874-0084 today!
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